Carol Dickerson, Pharm D

Founder / CEO

Carol is the Founder and CEO for  A Doctorate in Pharmacy with 25 years in managed care, 22 years in Pharma with 8 different manufacturers. 18 product launches, 7 to specialty markets.  Passion for problem-solving in this industry, research and networking, building, educating, and empowering your organization to easily find the best of the best in rare disease.

Carol continued her career path in the PBM industry at Express Scripts, until moving over to the pharma industry in 1995 as a National Account Manager with Astra USA.  At Astra, she covered PBMs, health plans, wholesalers, as well as large retail chains. Her work in National Accounts for pharma companies such as AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, UCB, and Talecris was her evolution into the specialty medication management arena, where Carol has had primary focus for the past 10 years. She has experience in both pharmacy and medical benefit categories within managed care and distribution, including self-injectables, infusions, buy-and-bill, all types of contracting, and inventory management. Most recently, she was the Director of Market Access & Channel Management for Canadian-based Theratechnologies from 2014-2017. Carol oversaw all US importation logistics, managed care access, a limited specialty network and a closed infusion network within 2 specialty channel rare-disease products, 3PL and wholesaler management, specialty distribution, all patient support services and vendor management, including copay, 501c3, data aggregation, and advocacy groups.

“For 3 years, I was delivering strategy and vendor candidates to a Canadian-based rare manufacturer for US channel and market access, but my hands were tied because I was contracted through a Goliath pharma consulting company.  I was spending so much time searching internally for experienced assistance and advice, and trying to explain that the same old vendors, methods and strategies were no longer applicable to this marketplace. I was unable to find or utilize any rare-niche content experts from my approved accessible pool.  After months of research, conversations, drawing on papered walls, I decided to begin building a term and category-searchable website for rare manufacturers, something I had wished existed so many times while in that position.”

When Carol realized the full potential of this exploding marketplace of niche-content experts, and the desperate unmet need for harnessing, vetting and organizing these entities, she began building an improved, efficient way for them to be found. Introducing, a web-based reference to assist rare disease manufacturers and their partners with finding these subject-matter experts and vendors, every step of the way, from concept to cure.

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