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Optime Care Inc, (Optime Care) is a nationally recognized pharmacy, distribution, and patient management organization, that brings to the market a suite of comprehensive services uniquely delivered to maximize the therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of ultra-orphan, orphan and rare disorders. Optime Care accomplishes this by supporting patients, healthcare providers, and biopharma partners in navigating the ever-changing healthcare environment.

The leadership team at Optime Care has been transforming the orphan and rare disease space since 1999, having launched, managed, and transitioned over 30 successful programs. While originally working in various companies, such as, Express Scripts, Grifols, and Anthem, they gelled in 2004, when they founded Centric Health Resources, a patient-centered, health-management company and specialty pharmacy. Over the next ten years, the team launched and transitioned many successful specialized programs that made Centric Health Resources the go to partner for ultra-orphan and orphan products. In 2015, after great success with Centric Health Resources, the team launched Optime Care Inc., an organization that builds upon the tradition of optimizing therapeutic opportunities by providing comprehensive, customized, patient-centered, best-in-class services to small specialized patient populations.

4060 Wedgeway Ct, Earth City, MO, USA 88, 63367
Donovan Quill

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