RareChannels Welcomes Executive-Level Account Director!

RareChannels.com is proud to announce and welcome Jennifer Salazar as the Company’s Director of PIR Account Management. Salazar will be responsible for ownership of the entire Partners In Rare experience, including building, managing and leading the on-boarding process, invoice management, webpage set-up and updates, assisting with the rare-vetting process, coordination of sponsored conference participation, social media management, and all other customer service needs. Ms. Salazar has nearly ten years in the trenches of specialty medication management. Beginning her career in 2008 at Express Scripts, she has built her knowledge base from the ground up, performing various roles throughout the organization. She intimately learned the operations of the patient and prescriber journey, primarily focused on rare, ultra-orphan, and breakthrough specialty therapies. In 2015, she then applied her experience and passion for her work to her next role as Manager of Pharma Implementation. For the next 3 years, Jennifer then served as the primary point of contact for pharma companies and their market access teams, implementing over fifty specialty programs across Accredo Specialty Pharmacy and CuraScript Specialty Distribution, for products spanning over a spectrum of disease states, pharmacy and medical benefits, and open to exclusive networks. Working as the business unit liaison for various cross-functional teams, she consulted during contract development, tracked and managed implementation efforts, oversaw data connectivity and development and production of data feeds, and worked with vendors ranging from patient support services, data aggregation, copay, and 501c3. Carol J. Dickerson, Founder & CEO, states “This woman built and ran our SP network onboarding with our tiny rare-population within her humongous organization; there is no comparison to any other SP we had brought into our network on the complexities of what I watched her manage and keep track of for me… Her finesse with professionalism, reaction time, solution management, and pure content-expertise were unsurpassed and won me over for life. I am beyond ecstatic she has joined our RareChannels team!”
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